Women’s football teams increase due to the World Cup

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Over the past year a number of media outlets have been stating the rise of females taking part in sports, and it seems as though being a member of a team has become the most popular as the ladies come together to play a sport of their choice.

Joey picture 1And it seems that the strongest teams are within the world of football, as the number of female players has risen by a staggering amount, because of the FIFA women’s world cup is due to place later this year in Canada. After winning a number of awards, the English team will be taking to the famous Canadian world cup ground in hopes of bringing home the world cup, which the male team failed to do.

Their work has inspired a number of teams around the country to step up their game and bring in new members to make the strongest teams around, as they take part in their own tournaments and award ceremonies.

Power comes from playing and the inspiration that these women are creating is making people of all ages want to join them. From weekly to monthly matches, the teams are allowing people to join them from all around the world, as they seek to build the strongest teams that will ensure them a winning streak. These teams are also demonstrating the correct way to act in the world of sports, as they have had fewer controversies within their teams then the male leagues, which have been under fire recently for comments made at matches.

Local ex-football coach and league manager of the Camden and Islington Youth League,  Noel Brown spoke about the improvements to the league. “The FA are trying to promote it. They are sponsoring them more. If you went with a women’s team and if I went with a men’s team, you would get more notice because they are wanting to promote it more.”

He said “A lot of sponsors are now local, so you should see how much support you get”, as he discussed how much female football teams are being noticed now.

While the media follows a lot of male teams, this year has changed a lot with the ‘This Girl Can’ campaign and with strong sportswomen and teams like the one mentioned above, leaving their mark on the football world, the campaign is getting stronger.

The FIFA Women’s World Cup will begin on the 6th June and close on the 5th July 2015.

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